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How Can One Dollar Postcard Help You?

We take care of graphic design, prospect lists, full-color printing, postage, mailing and tracking analytics so you can focus on what you do best--running your business.

Why a Postcard

Because social media is only one part of a strategic marketing plan. Postcards serve to reinforce your brand and your offer by complementing your online activities and provides your neighbors with a physical reminder and potentially powerful message and offer that will drive new and repeat customers to your door.

Is a postcard better than a letter?
One of the greatest benefits of postcard marketing is that there is no prospect reluctance in opening the piece. It's already open!

Leverage Your Investment

Unlike other print shops we create a page on our website to publicly host your amazing new postcard. We then offer a powerful Social Media Marketing option to advertise your offer on the most powerful social networks at a very reasonable one-time fee.

One Dollar Postcard Deal
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How It Works

It's really rather simple. You enter your zip code, specify how many addresses you want your postcard sent to, upload your logo, pictures and provide your vision for your post card, we custom design three versions of your unique postcard and then you pick one! We print it, address it and mail it for you within 3 to 5 days.

  • You don't need to find a graphic designer
  • You don't need to buy a mailing list
  • You don't need to hire a mailing service

Heck, you don't even have to provide us with a concept for your postcard just tell us what your intent is and we'll get our creative minds to work for you.

And, you always know how much it's going to cost. There are no hidden fees. It's just a buck per postcard.

One Dollar Postcard Deal

Your Outsourced Marketing Department

Most people struggle with one of two obstacles when developing a marketing peice. First, trying to be creative and second sourcing all of the required talent and resources to put it together.

One Dollar Postcard solves both of these issues by automating the ordering process without affecting the creative process. We can help you with other forms of marketing as well.

Need Additional Marketing Support?

We are professional marketing strategists and will help you plan and recommend various solutions. Whatever service we don't provide directly we can provide an outside independent consultant to help with any of your marketing needs.

(We're here to support you!)

Want New Customers By Next Week?

Your powerful new postcard could be in the mail by next week generating new interest and new sales for you company.

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